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Find the best quality TVM leads for your law firm. We offer double qualified TVM leads with revision that meet your specific case filters. Each client has experienced two or more surgeries total. Our experienced U.S. staff will ensure each TVM lead is qualified before posting or live transferring to your office.

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Each TVM with revision lead that we provide has been hand selected and passed a series of qualification filters. We strive to ensure the TVM leads you receive are pre-screened and accurate. Lead Canon has been successfully providing TVM leads with revision to small and large law firms nationwide.

Mass Tort Leads

We offer mass tort leads for attorneys. If you are seeking cases for TVM, Invokana, Power Morcellator, Xarelto and low testosterone then you have found the right lead generation company. Our friendly staff is dedicated to provide high quality mass tort leads for any vertical. Normal delivery time starts only 72 hours after order completion.
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TVM Facts
Surgical mesh is a loosely woven sheet which is used as either a permanent or temporary support for organs and other tissues during surgery. The meshes are available in both inorganic and biological materials, and are used in a variety of surgeries. Though hernia repair surgery is the most common application, they can also be used for reconstructive work; such as in pelvic organ prolapse.
Permanent meshes remain in the body, whereas temporary ones dissolve over time; as an example, TIGR Matrix test mesh was fully dissolved after three years in a recent trial on sheep. Some meshes combine permanent and temporary meshes such as Vipro; a brand name for a product combining the re-absorbable material vipryl, made from polyglycolic acid, and prolene, a non-reabsorbable polypropylene.
Source: Surgical Mesh,
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