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Welcome to Lead Canon a diverse lead generation company that offers opt in leads for credit repair, debt settlement, diabetic, pain cream, private insurance, drug and alcohol addiction, back brace and mobility, solar power, mass tort, Xarelto, TVM, Zofran, Viagra, SSRI, personal injury, auto accident, education, health insurance, auto insurance, general contractor, plumber, painter, bankruptcy, workers compensation, business to business, SEO, and direct mail lead generation. We focus on quality over quantity and strive to be the best lead generation company America has to offer.

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When looking to buy leads there is no alternative to Lead Canon your opt in lead source. Each lead has opted in for more information regarding your product or service. We also offer a lead exchange guarantee if any lead provided is disconnected or happens to be a wrong number. Lead Canon will replace any lead free of charge that meets this criteria. Lead generation companies that do not offer a guarantee when you buy leads might not be the best fit for your business. Find opt in leads for your company today and start closing more deals with the best lead generation company in the industry.

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Searching for the best lead generation service is easy now that you have found Lead Canon your opt in lead source. We focus on conversion and quality opt in leads. The leads you buy can directly result the outcome of your sales force. Lead generation can be a daunting task if you have used below par lead services in the past. Our lead for lead guarantee helps protect you as we will replace any disconnected or wrong numbers.Experience risk free lead buying with our lead generation services.
Credit Repair Leads
Credit Repair Leads: We offer the best credit repair leads for your business of people that are looking to improve their credit score. Most clients have bad credit or have been declined a mortgage. The timing is perfect for you to offer your credit restoration service.
Debt Settlement Leads
Debt Settlement Leads: Opt in debt leads are only a call away. Purchase debt settlement leads of clients that are 10k or more in unsecured debt.
Pain Cream Leads
Pain Cream Leads: We offer opt in pain cream leads of clients that are experiencing pain mostly private insurance carriers. High quality pain cream lead generation.
Drug and Alcohold Addiction Leads
Drug and Alcohol Addiction Leads: If you represent a rehab or an addiction product these clients could use your assistance. They have reached out for help regarding an addiction problem.
Solar Power Leads
Solar Power Leads: Do you offer solar power installation? If so these solar leads will work great with any contractor or solar company.
Xarelto Leads
Xarelto Leads: These clients have experienced internal bleeding and are not represented by an attorney. Find email posted or live transfer Xarelto leads today.
Zofran Leads
Zofran Leads: This drug has allegedly caused birth defects in pregnant women and have opted in for attorney advice regarding a potential lawsuit.
Personal Injury Leads
Personal Injury Leads: Each client has been harmed or injured by multiple premise based and auto accident events. They are seeking a law firm to assist in their lawsuit.
Bankruptcy Leads
Bankruptcy Leads: Opt in clients that are seeking bankruptcy assistance from a lawyer.
Workers Compensation Leads
Workers Compensation Leads: These clients have experienced a workers comp issue and would like to know their rights from an attorney.
Health Insurance Leads
Health Insurance Leads: Buy opt in health insurance leads of active clients searching for quotes on insurance. Just include your filters and we will deliver based on criteria.
Business to Business Leads
Business to Business Leads: Gather and target business owners to market your product or service to. Includes all contact information with email address.
Text Marketing
Text Marketing: Also referred to as bulk SMS opt in marketing. Deliver your message and website to thousands of opt in clients.
Loan Modification Leads
Loan Modification Leads: Buy opt in loan mod leads of homeowners looking to modify their existing mortgage. Qualifiers include late on mortgage and high interest rate.
Diabetic Leads
Diabetic Leads: Find opt in long form and short form private insurance or Medicare diabetic leads. These clients are seeking insulin and or testing supplies.
Private Insurance Leads
Private Insurance Leads: The best private insurance leads are offered with clients that have private carrier plans. These clients are self reported and seeking advice.
Back Brace Leads
Back Brace Leads: Opt in backbrace lead generation for private and medicare providers. These clients are experiencing pain and could use your assistance as well.
Mobility Leads
Mobility Leads: Opt in mobility leads for the impaired can be an easy find when working with us. High conversion mobility leads.
Mass Tort Leads
Mass Tort Leads: Opt in mass tort leads can expand your law firm. These attorney leads have experienced a life changing alteration or surgery and need your help in filing a mass tort lawsuit.
TVM Leads
TVM Leads: Transvaginal mesh or TVM leads is an exploding vertical that we take pride in. Find opt in clients that have had TVM revision surgery. Perfect for any mass tort lawyer or attorney.
Viagra Leads
Viagra Leads: With certain side effects allegedly not being listed these clients are seeking legal representation regarding an injury.
Auto Accident Leads
Auto Accident Leads: Plaintiffs that have been involved in an auto accident that was not their fault are seeking lawsuit assistance from an attorney.
Auto Insurance Leads
Auto Insurance Leads: Find clients that are seeking a quote on auto insurance. This can also include auto, truck, motorcycle, rv and boat insurance lead.
General Contractor Leads
General Contractor Leads: Buy contractor leads for plumbers, painters, contractors, remodel, and other qualified opt in leads.
Organic Search Engine Optimization
Organic Search Engine Optimization: We are now offering SEO for local and nationwide websites. Increase your back links and Google ranking today.
Direct Mail
Direct Mail: We use wholesale rates to deliver your message or postcard to thousands of opt in mail recipients. Works great for any industry.
We look forward to becoming your new lead generation company. There are many lead generation services to choose form but not many that stand behind their product with risk free lead buying. Remember we will replace any wrong numbers or disconnected leads free of charge. Give us a call today and start closing more deals.
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